RRK Advisory is now iAspire !

The name reflects our core belief in the business to be client-centric.

Every one aspires!

Each of our clients comes to us with lot of aspirations trusting our ability and expertise. It is important that we don’t lose focus and build on that trust and help in planning to achieve their financial goals.

We are client focused. We put a lot of emphasis in understanding them and their psyche,   help them articulate their aspirations clearly and carry out our responsibilities in their best interest. Nothing else matters to us.

A plan which is not clear or have no buy-in from the client will never get executed. Such a plan goes nowhere and ends up wasting time and resources for the client and adviser. Being aware of such pitfalls, we take time to work with client in creating the plan together. Together is a keyword here.

Client mind-set, risk taking ability, his/her past experiences with certain asset classes, current preferences towards certain investment options, current tax situation are important factors that we take into consideration. We take ample time to explain the plan in greater details, so the plan gets executed with lot of conviction and out much hesitation. Client gets to enjoy the benefits of proper investment plan, leaving plenty of soul satisfaction to the adviser.

There is no better pleasure to the advisor than seeing a happy client enjoying the benefits of a good plan, created with lot of hard work and intelligence. Like an artist, we take immense pleasure in finishing a canvas for the client. Many of our clients have appreciated our work saying it was an eye-opening experience for them – for the approach, passion we bring, knowledge they gain and ability to discern and get insights beyond numbers.

Yes, we promise it will be one unforgettable experience for you!

iAspire !  See your dreams in our canvas and plan for a better future.

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