KYC – Check and update


While Banks follow their own KYC system, SEBI has mandated the brokerages and mutual funds to use single common KYC.

It is very important you check your KYC and make sure your personal data is accurate.

How to view KYC details ?

To check the status of your KYC, you may visit any of the five KYC registration agencies (KRA) websites. You need your PAN to check the KYC status.

  1. CDSL Ventures Ltd (
  2. National Securities Depositories Ltd (
  3. DotEx International Ltd (
  4. Computer Age Management System (
  5. Karvy Data Management Services (

If you have done your KYC through CDSL Ventures KRA, you can view your KYC details. This facility is not available in other KYC websites for now.

  2. On the bottom right hand side of the home page, you will see  “client login”.
  3. Click on it, key in your PAN, date of birth and choose from among the many intermediaries (it could be a mutual fund in which you have invested or a broker through whom you had invested), and then hit “login”.
  4. On the screen that appears next, click on the tick mark near “KYC verified”.
  5. Another page will appear. Scroll down to see all your personal information.


When to update KYC ?

If your address, email ID, or phone number change, you need to update. Once you update KYC form in one place, all your mutual fund holdings, brokerages will get the new address and other update of personal information.

Where to download KYC Change form ?

KYC Change form for Individual

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