Online tax filing software for Year 2012

For filing this year taxes online, I checked out couple of online software services.


This is best. Charge is only Rs.200+taxes.

Best user interface. Have very good and easy Excel templates to upload your stock transactions, mutual funds transactions and also tax deducted at source (TDS) transactions.

They also have provision for you to enter brought forward tax losses, so you can adjust losses from previous tax years.

In couple of hours, I am done with filing and getting the ITR-V.
I highly recommend using them.


I wasted my time with website.
They dont have provision to enter the carry forward losses. On contacting the customer support, they told me their software does not have this feature yet.
How can a website which claims to be number 1 online platform for tax filing can release a software without this basic feature ?

And we are writing software for the world. Pathetic. And this is not explained anywhere. After wasting several hours I had to find this out in hard way.
I hope taxspanner will soon correct this deficiency. Until then please avoid this site.

Had I chosen taxsmile first to  enter the data, I would have not found out this issue in

When I checked last week they are not ready yet for year 2011-2012. What type of tax filing services will not be ready to provide services 45 days to closing date ?

I guess yogi is still under meditation.

I have not checked out and [ to be fair to them, I must point out, they also provide tax filing services online. ]

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