Systematic Investment Plan Score Card 2015

Systematic Investment Plan Score Card 2015

Using Value Research online data, Mint has conducted a study of SIP returns for last 3 years and 7 years.

They have taken largest five funds in each category because these funds expected to have the highest number of investors. They found the average SIP return is 17% in the past 10 years, outperforming other asset classes over this time frame.
Fund performances are shown for each category is shown below :
  • SIP investing is very powerful. It takes emotions out of the investor.
  • You have to setup an automatic monthly bank debit to invest in a diversified equity mutual fund.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t invest larger amount. As low as Rs.500 to Rs.1000 per month also can do wonders in your portfolio.
  • When stock market goes down, be patient and don’t panic. Remember your SIP is buying more units at low cost.
  • You sell your fund only when you reach the goal time and not before that.

Happy Investing !


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