iAspire is a platform founded by people with deep passion and knowledge in finance and investments with strong expertise and exposure to global markets with special focus on Indian and US markets.  Corporate experience and multi-cultural exposure from having lived in multiple countries, coupled with strong engineering background has helped them deliver unique experience, by blending engineering rigor and financial acumen, to our clients.

iAspire is founded on co-creation model where expertise of two advisors can bring synergistic value providing an edge in enhancing the overall experience to our clients through the collective expertise and knowledge along with good systems, tools, and processes.


Mr. K Rajaraman CFA



He has Bachelors degree in Electronics and communication engineering, Diploma in Business Administration, Masters in Financial analysis and CFA. He worked for Texas Instruments in Singapore and Dallas, Texas, USA, in various capacities. He started his career as hardware engineer and then became software engineer, and then moved on to process automation/robotics. Before leaving Texas Instruments he was doing financial modeling for price negotiations, subcon management etc.,  He returned to India in 2006.  He is AMFI Certified Mutual Fund Advisor and IRDA certified Insurance Advisor. He has clients all over the world.

He is also founder of ( a website helping NRI to return to India to settle down) and ( portal helping real estate buyers to interact with other buyers and research, share ideas ).

Blogs: and  Investment Basics by RRK

He can be reached at

Mr. Muthukumar A



Earned his bachelors degree in Computer Science from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai. Diverse corporate experience ranging from early stage start-ups to large corporations in Asia and North America in managerial and leadership roles. Finance and investments are his passion for over 20 years with deep knowledge and strong exposure to US/global and Indian financial markets with detailed insights into various products, instruments and asset classes.  Views asset allocation as a single most powerful weapon in investor’s arsenal to stay in the market, brave the volatility and have a good night sleep.

He is an AMFI Certified Mutual Fund Advisor. Have been helping clients make smart decisions. Key strength in constrained decision making and evaluating complex trade-offs. Active interests in situational allocations, tax-efficient balancing, tactical positioning for flux, strategies for risk-averse to raise awareness, jump-check for entrepreneurs.  Believes in life-long learning. Enjoys studying businesses, brands, investment theories and behaviors.

He can be reached at